The Lenai and Ol' Slimy

Episode 1

On the 5th day of the 5th month, the Lenai gathered at the Web's Edge Inn. They had collected a variety of rumors about recent happenings and potential adventuring work, ultimately deciding upon Alra's proposal: defending the Silent Sisters from animal attacks. Having heard rumors that the Silent Sisters seemed to be close to identifying a cure for the purple plague, they held a second vote, and 4 to 2 decided to reinforce a group of the Sisters leaving from the Toad's Well Inn in Esnya instead of heading to Chayton.

The Lenai were solidifying their acceptance of the contract when the Web's Edge Inn itself was attacked by several bears. The Lenai leapt into action, unable to save the lives of several of the tavern goers but eventually eliminating the threat. Claire repeatedly reinforced Alra, to her frustration, accusing the monk of killstealing. Dani saved the life of a young peasant who was famous for carrying with him a small stick. He was enamoured with them, but with their sly wits, Dani proved the adage that a fool and his stick are soon parted, keeping it themselves as a keepsake.

After recovering and aiding the survivors, the Lenai spent the night in the Web's Edge. The Lenai followed the Sister's instructions and left for a group of ferrymen who crossed the lake to their destination. Ariadna was disappointed that none of the sailors were spar with her, and even her sister had chosen instead to join Vincent in sunbathing on the deck. She went below deck, where Dani was keeping to themselves and Claire was reading

Suddenly, the ship was attacked by a pair of gigantic crabs. Alra, Vincent, and Liam sprang into action. Ariadna, Dani, and Claire were alerted by Vincent's toucan, Zara, allowing them to run to the upper deck much faster than the sound of combat alone might have. The ferrymen fled. Liam dashed towards one crab, and Alra transformed into a rhinoceros in order to keep the attention of both crabs, while the others prepared to assault them. Liam was grappled by his crab, but he allowed the crab to hold him while he beat away at it with his longsword. Ultimately, Claire felled the beast. The second crab was assaulted by Ariadna, joining her sister's efforts. 

Vincent was surprised, having taken a position a fair distance from the crabs and choosing to aid the sisters combating the second crab when a gigantic squid-like beast rose from the water and slapped him repeatedly with thick, slimy tentacles. Vincent managed to use his magic to teleport away from the beast afterwards, but only after taking severe injuries. Vincent created a horrifying pit of darkness that was almost certainly just a very good wizard spell and nothing at all to be concerned about, Dani created a spiritual spear to assault the monster,. Liam ran forward to halt the creature's advance and keep it within Vincent's spell, which continued to harm the creature. Alra recognized the larger threat and trusted her sister and the others to be able to handle the second crab, charging away from the crab in order to slam into the large beast. The creature dodged her thrust, but together with Liam, the creature was held within Vincent's spell, continued to take damage. It struck at Alra with its tentacles, and repeatedly struck at Liam as well, but the two persevered until Liam was able to claim the killing blow. Returning to her human form, Alra called the glorious victory in Haggar's name; congratulating Liam on maintaining his composure against such a fearsome foe.

A mere minute following the battle, it became clear that Vincent and Alra were both ill. With the end of the combat the ferrymen returned to the surface and eventually, the group was able to determine the symptoms could be alleviated by submerging the two in water; a permanent cure would require a more powerful cleric than Ariadna or Dani. They journeyed forward, using an odd device to allow Vincent and Alra to remain drenched and of course, returning with the remains of the creature the ferrymen had identified as Ol' Slimy.

In the mercenary camps, they came upon an enormous cleric of Haggar called Avery Govind. He offered to interrupt his stories in order to aid the Lenai simply for their slaying of Ol' Slimy, but when Liam revealed that he was affiliated with the Iron League, he was doubly willing to aid them. He cured Vincent and Alra, silently recognizing Alra from her gladiatorial history. Initially, Alra believed she might be thought weak for succumbing to the disease, but Avery Govind demonstrated that there was no such shame. 

Avery Govind paid for their rooms in the Toad's Well Inn and spent much of the night telling stories to any of the party who were interested, so much so that getting an appropriate rest for the evening required multiple reminders between them.


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